Record Tasks/Resources

As an example – in producing a program for an adminstration system the following could be the Tasks:

  • Creating a Requirements Document
  • Creating the plan
  • Creating structure chart/pseudocode
  • Creating a testing strategy
  • Buying the software
  • Creating the program in C++
  • Running tests
  • Implementing
  • Training etc

Once you have identified all your tasks then you have to put them in the order in which they will be carried out.

At this stage what dates do you know?

Only TWO  –

  • the start date
  • the end date

You can now start the first version of your Plan/Milestones List, by entering both of these dates against the appropriate items.

As Timescales have to be considered, looking at a calendar will enable your team to calcuate how long they have to carry out all the other tasks/milestones.  They then have to consider how long each task will take and if more than one person is needed to carry out the task?

This is usually deliberated by experience or previous similar projects. Remember to take into account any holidays that may occur during the project.

Timescales are called Durations in Project Management and the people and equipment needed to carry out the tasks are called Resources.

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