Project Evaluation

So how do we evaluate our Project?

First and foremost by getting feedback, in our case from our Tutor, but in business it would be from our customers.  Then we examine our own and other team members contribution to the project.

Using the project plan example previous let us consider how we could evaluate this project.

  1. own contribution to the task analysis and planning
  2. contribution of others in the team to task analysis and planning

By using the Action minutes you should be able to identify your individual usefulness and the other team members’ value, in the success of this stage in the project.

  1. how were individual group members selected for particular roles and why do you think this is appropriate?

Again the minutes should provide information on the strengths and weaknesses of individual team members and why they were chosen for a particular role.

  1. effectiveness of own contribution to the negotiation of goals, roles and responsibilities
  2. effectiveness of contribution of others in the team to the negotiation of goals, roles and responsibilities

Were team members willing and able to take on roles and responsibility. How well the team worked – what were their limitations?  How did you assign tasks?  Who managed the team? How did you keep each other informed?

How did you (and the team) manage to meet deadlines/milestones, and what factors do you think affected this?

Were milestones met on time?  If not, why not?  If met ahead of time why?

  1. identify any criteria which have not been met (and state why)
  2. identify any additional criteria which might have been included but not listed in the requirements specification
  3. identify any criteria which were difficult to meet and state any reasons for this

Did you need to carry out additional tasks or supply additional resources?  Did you meet with problems carrying out any tasks or resources?  If so, what and why?

  1. evaluation of own strengths and weaknesses of own contribution to the team activity
  2. include justification of this evaluation by referring to information gathered by the team

Ascertain how your contribution exceeded, met or was below expectation and how that affected the project.

  1. conclusions about how effectively the team as a whole collaborated
  2. overall evaluation of others in the team

By using customer feedback detail how successful the team were in producing the project and by using a five point scale at all the different stages in the project evaluate other team members’ contributions.

Below is a connection to some useful word or phrases for writing an evaluation.

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