Research and Record

Requires the team to carry out the tasks that they have been allocated and to inform the group of progress.  The individuals should be working to the schedule of the project plan and will inform the team of progress and any problems that they encounter.  If tasks have slipped they will be responsible for suggesting alternative timings for tasks.  This may impact on the availability of deliverables and the development as a whole and the project plan will be required to be updated.

Regular project meetings will be held and all members of the team will participate in these.  Action minutes should be kept which will give a clear record of the meeting.  The job of taking minutes should be allocated to a member of the team, this task could be rotated but this is not necessary.

In addition to development of the project each individual must carry out research and evaluate that information located.  This is to meet the requirement of the ICT Core Skill.  Candidates may have carried out research in associated units and this could also be included in the journal/log. 

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